Helpful Information For Your New Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog's Are Like No Other


Loving, loyal and highly intelligent, Portuguese Water Dog's have quite the personality!  

The definition of "Man or Woman's Best Friend", they truly are an addition to your core family.  

Their intelligence can leave them bored and unhappy if they are not treated as a bonded family member.  

Energetic, this breed needs to be worked or exercised in order to maintain their health, and to keep them out of trouble. 

Choosing Where to Adopt Your PWD


If you want a puppy to share your home, as part of your family,  then find your PWD puppy from a breeder that raises their litters in a home and holds the responsibility of spending time loving, training and socializing their pups.  

Litters that have been raised in an outdoor kennel are lacking the human connection and understanding of family etiquette, and the much needed socialization that is needed to be a well-adjusted adult PWD. 

Our litter's are raised in home, and we welcome friends & family to come love and socialize our puppies

Feeding Your PWD The Healthiest Diet


Many PWD owner's are very particular about feeding their Portuguese Water Dog the best possible Diet.  We choose to make our own food for our dogs.  It is a balanced diet, vet approved and the recipe is easy to make in large quantities and freeze.  Here is the recipe below:  

  • 1 lb desired meat or organs
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Cup Honest Kitchen Grain Free Fruit and Veggie Base Mix, mixed with 1.5 Cups of warm water to hydrate
  • Spray small loaf pan with non-stick spray
  • bake 1 hour 10 min at 350 degrees 
  • Cover and freeze 

(recipe can be doubled or tripled etc for a larger batch)

Portie's Are A "Mouthy Breed"


By "Mouthy" we aren't referring to the many licks and kisses that they give on a daily basis!  

PWD's take longer for their baby teeth to fall out and their adult teeth to grow in.  Because of this, they like to CHEW to relieve their sore mouths.  

If you don't provide your PWD with suitable chew toys or bones, they will find things to chew on.  And they don't discriminate.  Your favorite shoes, sunglasses, purse... you get the point.  

Giving them adequate chew toys keeps their mouth's happy, and them occupied, which leads to less potential destruction.  

Crate Training Your PWD Puppy


Crate training isn't just a benefit to keep your shoes safe, its safe for your puppy.  He or she cannot get into things that will hurt him or her.  

They are a smart breed and can find ways to be mischievous if given the opportunity.  

Secondly, it allowed for faster potty training as puppies are given the opportunity to learn how to hold their potty breaks until they go outside.  

Crating should be done from the time you bring your new puppy home.  If you don't want your pup sleeping in your bed every night for the rest of their life, then don't take them to bed with you because they will not want to go back to sleeping on their own.  If you DO want your portie to be your bedside companion, then you can rest assured, they will be, if given the opportunity :)

Are You A Good Fit For A PWD?


Is a Portuguese Water Dog the right breed for your home?   Portuguese Water Dogs are in the "working dog" class. Being a "working dog" means they are high energy, and need mental and physical stimulation.  

With that being said, you can decide if your home could be the right fit by asking yourself a few of these questions: 

1.  Will your puppy be confined to a crate or alone for long periods of time?  

PWD's are energetic. They NEED to run and play, or be worked.  They NEED human interaction because they are a sensitive dog whom believes he or she is a part of your family unit (as they should be).  If left alone for long periods of time regularly, they can develop bad habits, become detached, or bored and get into trouble.  

2.  Do you have adequate space to let your Portuguese Water Dog puppy exercise?

Portie's need an active lifestyle and room to run.  A couple of walks a day won't cut it, as they will likely out-perform you with their intense energy.  If worked, these dogs will settle and enjoy your endless love.  If not worked, they will drive you crazy, as they are smart and will demand the attention and activity.  

3.  Portuguese WATER Dog - They LOVE to swim!! Having a pool isn't the determining factor of whether or not they are a suitable home.  With that being said, Portuguese Water Dog's were bred to swim.  They even have webbed feet.  Being able to allow your Portie to swim,will give them an outlet for all that energy.  They love any water, kiddie pool, lake, stream and even the ocean.