Health, Happiness & Companionship

Dedicated to producing Portuguese Water Dog Puppy companions to enrich the lives of their families through great health & temperament, thus providing a loyal & loving companion for years to come.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Dam has been genetically tested and health tested above and beyond "standard testing".  Embark uses DNA  to test for over 150 potential genetic health issues, making this an extremely useful and purposeful tool for choosing a female and male to breed.  Both Dam & Sire were cleared (not affected), but any of the genetic issues that can be tested for, and therefore puppies from their litters will also be un-affected.  

A Furever Friend

We welcome inquiries about upcoming, current or future litters; however, each family will be screened to ensure that placing a puppy with each family is the perfect match for them, as well as their furever friend!  

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River and her puppies

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Portuguese Water Dogs Of M'Le Breeding Program

An Overview of What You Can Expect From Us

Puppies whelped at Portuguese Water Dogs of M'Le will be available to go to their forever homes at 8 weeks old and not a day earlier. 


Limited Registration means: Puppies will be AKC Registered and you will receive the papers of AKC Registration, however, if your Limited Registration Dog has a litter, those puppies CANNOT be AKC Registered, as only FULL REGISTERED dogs can have their puppies registered. 

(We are not offering breeding rights).

PUPPY CONTRACT must be agreed to and signed by PWD Owner's before placement. Contract is written to protect the care of the puppy, the investment of the buyer, and the program of the breeder 

(Full Contract available upon request or when purchasing PWD puppy)


  • Portuguese Water Dog's of M'Le Contract states that buyer MUST CONTACT BREEDER should they decide not to keep puppy, or need to re-home dog during it's lifetime.  This is to protect the puppy/dog throughout his or her lifetime and ensure that the dog does not end up in a shelter or dis-pleasing situations.  We value our breeding program and all puppy's produced and vow to be here for you and the dog throughout their lifetime. Contacting Breeder should placement be needed is necessary to ensure that your puppy or dog will be placed into another loving forever home.    

  • Contract states new owner must agree to spay or neuter within the designated time-frame in order to keep the health guarantee valid. (Health guarantee is for a designated time-frame and  is guaranteeing no genetic or congenital issues will be presented in the pup, and if for some reason there is, you will have options to adequately assess the situation.  

  • OUR AGREEMENT TO YOU:  Should a congenital health issue present itself, PWD of M'Le agrees to:

  • Take pup back and refund money, within designated time-frame. (vet check and paperwork is required as proof )

  • Offer a different pup, if there is one available, and breeder assumes full responsibility for pup that needs special care (there are always families that have a special place in their hearts for these kind of puppies)

  • If congenital issue is minor (such as a umbilical hernia or minor heart murmur, and family wants to keep their pup, we agree to help buyer with Vet costs associated to the health issue, assuming it is something that can be easily corrected so the pup can live a full & happy life

All potential puppy families are qualified by breeder in advance as an approved home before deposits are accepted.  Breeder has a right to refuse anyone as a potential owner for any reason, as our main responsibility is the Portuguese Water Dog Puppy, and it's future, therefore finding good homes is our primary responsibility 


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